Fancy Pecan Pieces - Hudson Pecan Company
Fancy Pecan Pieces - Hudson Pecan Company
Fancy Pecan Pieces - Hudson Pecan Company

Fancy Pecan Pieces

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A natural product grown in the USA and made from the highest quality mammoth pecans without any additives, these shelled, kosher certified Fancy Pecan Pieces are sure to please any palate. Grab a handful for a snack, or grab your apron; Fancy Pecan Pieces perfectly top yogurt, parfaits, or your favorite ice cream.

  • Shelled
  • Kosher Certified
  • American Heart Association Certified
  • Grown in Georgia

Shelf Life

When kept at room temperature in a sealed air-tight container will last up to 45 days.

Once Opened

Refrigerate after opening to extend freshness for 9-10 months. When frozen in an airtight container, pecans can last up to 2 years.


Store alone. Pecans have a high oil content and could absorb odors when stored with other items.

What Our Fans Are Saying

These are seriously the most savory pecans I have ever tasted! Yum!

- Justin L.

Your praline pecans are to die for! Almost ate the entire bag at once.

- Loretta K.

Hudson paper shell pecans are a holiday staple in our home. It's hard to imagine Christmas time without them.

- Chauncey S.

Customer Reviews

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