Stuart Pecans - Hudson Pecan Company
Stuart Pecans - Hudson Pecan Company

Stuart Pecans

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The Stuart Pecan is an old-time favorite and the most commonly cultivated variety in Georgia, instrumental in forming the state’s pecan industry. Crack open an in shell Stuart Pecan to enjoy the classic, slightly sweet flavor that’s perfect for cheese boards, pesto, and other savory recipes.

  • Medium to large nut
  • Thick shell
  • Unshelled
  • Kosher Certified
  • American Heart Association Certified
  • Grown in Georgia

Shelf Life

Best if used within 4 months of purchase.


Store at temperatures of 70°F or lower. When stored at 32°F or cooler, product can be kept for up to 18 months.

Arizona and California Residents:

Due to agricultural regulations, we are unable to ship In-shell Pecans to these two states.

What Our Fans Are Saying

These are seriously the most savory pecans I have ever tasted! Yum!

- Justin L.

Your praline pecans are to die for! Almost ate the entire bag at once.

- Loretta K.

Hudson paper shell pecans are a holiday staple in our home. It's hard to imagine Christmas time without them.

- Chauncey S.

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