Paper Shell Pecans - Hudson Pecan Company
Paper Shell Pecans - Hudson Pecan Company

Paper Shell Pecans

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Crack open a Paper Shell Pecan and enjoy the nutty-sweet flavor of a fresh pecan grown in a sun-kissed Georgian orchard. Paper Shell Pecans, also known as Schley Pecans, have a soft shell that can be cracked by hand. Higher in oil content than most other pecans, Paper Shell Pecans are perfect when added to recipes, candied, or eaten on their own.

What Our Fans Are Saying

These are seriously the most savory pecans I have ever tasted! Yum!

- Justin L.

Your praline pecans are to die for! Almost ate the entire bag at once.

- Loretta K.

Hudson paper shell pecans are a holiday staple in our home. It's hard to imagine Christmas time without them.

- Chauncey S.

Customer Reviews

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