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Shipping to Multiple Addresses? Read these four items first! 
(1) All addresses you will use for multiple shipping need to listed in Other Addresses. This includes your own address if you are shipping part of a multiple address order to yourself – even if your address is listed in shipping or billing address.  Add new addresses to Other Addresses in My Account.

(2) Using Multiple Addresses function: When your shopping is complete, go to the Checkout page; select Set Addresses; drag and drop your items to the address(es); choose Save and Continue at the bottom; scroll down on Checkout page to see Shipping Addresses & each gift item listed.
(3) Shipping Method for Multiple Addresses:  Once you are at the Checkout page after setting addresses, you choose the shipping method for each gift.
(4) Adding a Gift Message When Using Multiple Addresses: To add a gift message, use edit address function in My Account/Other Addresses. Add your message in the field labeled Gift Message and save: do this before you checkout.  If you are just sending to just one alternate address you can choose “different shipping address” on the checkout page and enter your gift message there.